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In the production of our Kalk paint we use powder colour pigments. The pigments used are beautiful mineral pigments that do not contain lead nor cadmium. It is important for us that our product does not harm the environment during manufacturing and disposal/use.


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Our Kalkpaint can be used directly on most indoor surfaces, provided that the surface is stable and not flaking, is free of dirt, grease, and soluble salts and is absorbing the Kalkpaint well, such as cement, brick, wood, plasterboard as well as surfaces that have already been painted with water based paint or acrylic primer (that is free of Alkyd). Prepare your surfaces as you would for conventional paint, clean, dust, fix holes etc. and use acrylic based primer where needed, (on spartl etc) to prevent any discolouration. When using Kalkpaint on un-even or embossed surfaces the matte texture of the Kalkpaint [...]


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1) Kalklitir's Kalkpaint can be used directly on surfaces that are painted with matt or semi-matt water-based paint as well as on unpainted surfaces such as concrete, gips, plaster, wood etc. Walls do need to be clean and free of dust, grease etc. When using Kalkpaint on surfaces that have already been painted with oil paint or lacquered surfaces or if you have plaster on parts of walls (like on joints or if you have fixed some holes etc.) you have to apply water-based acrylic primer before you start as the paint will not bond with oil-based surfaces and plaster [...]


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Our Kalkpaint is a lime-based product and its main characteristics are the different shades of colour with its matte texture and superb depth. We produce and sell our Kalkpaint in powder-form​​ which makes our products even more eco-friendly. Our Kalkpaint is VOC-free and does not contain any film-forming plastics. None of the pigments (mineral- or oxides) used in our production are dangerous, however, the Lime used in our production is highly alkaline and has a pH level of 12.  While drying on the wall only water will evaporate so no harm there, and after drying our Kalkpaint is harmless. The [...]

Cleaning and Maintenance

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Develop a routine to protect your investment and keep it looking good longer. Regular vacuuming with more frequency in high foot traffic areas according to a vacuuming schedule. Clean spots and spills regularly with products that do not damage the rug or cause it to recoil quicker. Clean effectively and maintain longevity by following cleaning product instructions. Professionally deep clean your rugs every 12 to 18 months to remove embedded dirt and grime. Use mats, removing your shoes entering the house, and regularly changing your air filters to reduce airborne particles are part of an effective housekeeping strategy.   For [...]


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All rugs will shed initially due to the finishing process. These remanent loose fibers will be shed with sufficient foot traffic.


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Polyester is a good compromise between nylon and thicker natural fabrics. Even tightly woven, it is still very light weight. Polyester curtains do not tend to fade the way that other natural fabrics do, and they are usually machine washable. They can be lined to make them heavier and to block out even more light, and they are generally quite stain resistant too. Being stronger and more resistant to chemicals, they have a much longer product lifecycle meaning they have to be replace less frequently. Being recyclable, it also requires less water and less energy to dry as compared to [...]


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