Our Kalkpaint is a lime-based product and its main characteristics are the different shades of colour with its matte texture and superb depth. We produce and sell our Kalkpaint in powder-form​​ which makes our products even more eco-friendly. Our Kalkpaint is VOC-free and does not contain any film-forming plastics. None of the pigments (mineral- or oxides) used in our production are dangerous, however, the Lime used in our production is highly alkaline and has a pH level of 12.  While drying on the wall only water will evaporate so no harm there, and after drying our Kalkpaint is harmless. The Kalkpaint is packed in 1 kg bags. You need only add 1.7 liters of water to 1 kg of the Kalkpaint powder,  stir it very well and then you have about 2 liters of freshly made paint which covers approx. 8 m2 in two layers (this always depends on how the surface is absorbing the Kalkpaint).  Our smaller Kalkpaint bags contain 250gr. of powder and need to be mixed with 425ml of water, one small bag will cover ca. 2 m2 in two layers.