Our Kalkpaint can be used directly on most indoor surfaces, provided that the surface is stable and not flaking, is free of dirt, grease, and soluble salts and is absorbing the Kalkpaint well, such as cement, brick, wood, plasterboard as well as surfaces that have already been painted with water based paint or acrylic primer (that is free of Alkyd).

  • Prepare your surfaces as you would for conventional paint, clean, dust, fix holes etc. and use acrylic based primer where needed, (on spartl etc) to prevent any discolouration.

  • When using Kalkpaint on un-even or embossed surfaces the matte texture of the Kalkpaint will not mask any imperfections or variations in the underlying surface. They will not disappear, and may even become more visible.

  • Kalkpaint is not suitable onto permanently damp areas or where you have constant water (like in showers etc) but it can be used on walls and ceiling in bathrooms, though we do recommend avoiding arias like around sinks, in shower etc. and in kitchens around sink and cooking arias as oil/grease will leave dark stains and some food can leave coloured stains. 

 Note: It is very important to always allow all preparational materials to dry completely, before applying acrylic based primer, in order to prevent discolouration of the Kalkpaint, and also to let primer dry completely before starting to apply the Kalkpaint.