Selecting the right material for your home and how to care for them


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Polyester is a good compromise between nylon and thicker natural fabrics. Even tightly woven, it is still very light weight. Polyester curtains do not tend to fade the way that other natural fabrics do, and they are usually machine washable. They can be lined to make them heavier and to block out even more light, and they are generally quite stain resistant too. Being stronger and more resistant to chemicals, they have a much longer product lifecycle meaning they have to be replace less frequently. Being recyclable, it also requires less water and less energy to dry as compared to [...]


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Silk curtains are incredibly luxurious. Relatively thinner, they tend to let more light through and have an airy, vibrant appearance. You can get lined silk curtains that have a lovely, glossy look to them, but that still offer good light insulation. Silk curtains that are unlined will fade rapidly, but when lined they can be quite hard wearing. They are, however, also quite expensive and they require effort to maintain as silk does not tolerate detergents well.


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A versatile choice, cottons are popular because they are light and breathable. Also, they provide a crisp yet elegant feel to your living spaces. They are comparatively easy to care for, but they are more susceptible to fading over time if they are exposed to direct sunlight. If fitted with a lining, cotton curtains will last you a long long time.


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Woven from the fibers of the flax plant, it gives a earthy breezy look but is still able to look tailored. It is soft and smooth to the touch, breathable yet strong than it looks.It is always best to hang as soon as possible to avoid creasing. But a quick iron should solve the problem. Achieve a casual creased look by lightly air drying without ironing or a more tailored look post ironing. It is a excellent choice for those who like the "puddled" look. We recommend dry cleaning and taking into account fabric shrinkage in the first wash. If [...]


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