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We use our expertise and scale from commercial operations to make luxury vinyl flooring affordable for the everyday home owner. 

Recent projects include

Shaw Contract Vinyl Flooring

We are the sole supplier and installer of Shaw Contract vinyl floorings for residential projects in Singapore. Shaw Contract is the global leader in innovative floorings, delivering premium quality with a patented layered construction.

Benefits include:

Reduces Cost

Floating installation reduces floor prep over existing hard surfaces. This reduces labor cost.


100% waterproof and can be installed in moist areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

Scratch Resistant

Excellent stain, scratching and abrasion resistance from ExoGuard finish.

Faster Installation

Installs 12x faster than comparable products with little or no floor prep required.

Sound Insulation

An attached cork underlayment that reduces sound transfer

No Expansion Joints

Will not expand or contract, eliminating the need for expansion joint covers

Our Ranges

stratum nordic

The favorite amongst home owners,  Stratum Nordic mimicks light-coloured Scandinavianian wood. Beautifully designed with realistic wood grain textures and abstract visuals with natural variations and visual depth.

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A cousin of Stratum Nordic, Inclusive is designed with emboss in register for natural depth and realistic wood grain texture. The innovative COREtec technology delivers performance that is waterproof and faster to install saving time and labor cost, while reducing sound transmission.



Defined by strength and tempered by texture, the stable construction is ideal for high traffic residential environments with low maintenance and quick installation. Rich wood grain visuals provide a foundation of beauty and performance.



In the same family as Composed, Concrete is also ideal for high traffic residential environments with low maintenance and quick installation. Realistic concrete for a more masculine touch.


What Our Clients Say

“The quality and workmanship of installation was very good. I have a dog and newborn child and had many concerns about safety but big thanks to Aratamete for taking time to explaining to me the quality of the product. And making the process a smooth and fuss free one. Installation was super fast, completed my 5 room flat within one day. Will use them again and recommend to anyone who wants good quality flooring.”

– Jolin Ong

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    Shaw Contract Technology

    1. First layer of ExoGuard™ Finish
    Added protection against scratching, staining and abrasion

    2. Second and Third layer of Clear 0.55mm Wear Layer
    Protects against premature product aging

    3. High-Resolution Image
    Indistinguishable fromm the real thing

    4. COREtex XRC Extruded Core
    Waterproof and dimensionally stable, with a density of 1900-2000kg/m3, the rigid core protects the top layers from indentation

    5. Attached Cork Underlayment
    Provides added sound dampening from foot traffic and floor to floor sound transfer

    6. Integrated Locking Edge
    Eliminates the need for wet adhesives, floating installation limits floor prep, and eliminates telegraphing