Motorised Curtains


While curtains add both colour and aesthetic appeal to any room in your home, they also serve a practical purpose. They are designed to efficiently reduce the sun's glare, thereby enhancing the visual clarity within your indoor spaces. With motorised curtains, you can reduce both the amount of light and external noise from entering your home.

These functionalities aid in creating a more comfortable and aesthetic setting that perfectly aligns with your needs– all with a touch of a button.

Experience Convenience With Motorised Day Curtains

Aratamete is committed to crafting spaces that reflect individual style and comfort. Our motorised curtains embody this commitment, merging elegance with practicality. We only use high-quality materials to create our light and airy day curtains to help you achieve an ideal look and aesthetic for your home.

Our automatic curtains give you exceptional convenience. With a simple tap on an app or the remote control, you can adjust the curtain length, tailoring the ambience of your room without having to come near the window.

Whether you prefer the durable, wrinkle-resistant properties of polyester or the lightweight, thermally adaptive qualities of linen for your motorised curtains, both of these materials are designed to enhance your home's functionality and design.

Modernise Your Homes With Motorised Night Curtains

With motorised night curtains, there’s no need to go near the window to draw the curtains when you’re already cosy in bed. Just use the controls to achieve the curtain length you desire. Our motorised curtains also operate quietly, enabling you to close or open your curtains at any time of the day without bothering anyone.

Our selection of night curtains, crafted from poly-cotton, poly-linen, and pure cotton, comes in various colours to match your room's colour scheme. These options provide a blend of easy maintenance and adaptability to varying light conditions, contributing to a user-friendly and versatile environment in your Singapore home.

Custom Motorised Curtains in Singapore For Your Home 

Motorised curtains give you control when to operate your curtains. At our soft furnishing shop, we create custom motorised and automatic curtains that can withstand the extreme Singapore weather. Along with our tailored curtains, made from top-grade materials, are built to last, providing you with the needed shade and quiet for years to come.

Let’s talk about designs and getting the right measurements. Learn more about Aratamete’s soft furnishings, and together let’s work towards bringing your dream home aesthetic to life. Get in touch with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions About Motorised Curtains

What are motorised curtains?

Motorised curtains are innovative types of window coverings that employ an integrated electric motor for automated opening and closing operations. Control of these automatic curtains is straightforward and intuitive, facilitated by a hand-held remote or a smartphone application. Regardless of the power source—be it a standard electrical supply or rechargeable batteries, these motorised curtains effortlessly establish the desired ambience. This makes them an impressive addition to any contemporary space.

How much do automatic curtains cost?

The cost of automatic curtains varies widely based on factors such as the intricacy of design, the calibre of material used, and the dimensions of your preferred curtain. At Aratamete, we offer customisation options to align perfectly with your unique requirements. To get a tailored estimate for your customised automatic curtains, kindly reach out to us at +65 6733 7012.

How do motorised curtains work?

Motorised curtains function through a motor seamlessly integrated into the curtain system. With the power of a remote control or a smartphone app, you can automatically adjust your curtains to your desired position. They operate smoothly and quietly, ensuring no disruption to your peace. This innovative feature introduces a new level of modern convenience to your home, integrating technology into your daily routines. It simplifies your interactions with your living space, ensuring that every adjustment to your curtains contributes to creating an environment that aligns with your mood and needs.


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