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Curtains add colour and aesthetics to any room of your home. They can also help minimise the sun’s glare and lessen the noise coming from outside.

With motorised curtains, you can reduce the amount of light and noise from coming in and create a more comfortable setting at home – all with a touch of a button.

Experience Convenience With Motorised Day Curtains

At Aratamete, we combine elegance and functionality in our motorised curtains. We only use high-quality materials to create our light and airy day curtains to help you achieve an ideal look and aesthetic for your home.

Automatic curtains give you exceptional convenience. By using an app or the control, you can adjust the curtain length without coming near the window.

Whether you prefer polyester or linen fabric for your motorised curtains, any of these materials will surely blend well with your home’s design.

Modernise Your Homes With Motorised Night Curtains

With motorised night curtains, there’s no need to go near the window to draw the curtains when you’re already cosy in bed. Just use the controls to achieve the curtain length you desire. Motorised curtains also operate quietly, enabling you to close or open your curtains at any time of the day without bothering anyone.

Choose night curtains made from poly-cotton, poly-linen, and pure cotton and in various colours to match your room’s colour scheme.

Custom Motorised Curtains For Your Home

Motorised curtains give you control when to operate your curtains. At Aratamete, we create custom motorised and automatic curtains that can withstand the extreme Singapore weather. Our luxurious curtains will last a long time whilst providing you with the needed shade and quiet.

Let’s talk about designs and getting the right measurements. Learn more about our soft furnishings that you can use in your dream home. Get in touch with us today.


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