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Our Night curtains are available with an option to add on a hospitality-grade blackout lining which fully blocks out light through the night curtains, providing a dark environment for optimal rest and comfort. Night curtains also provide many advantages. Apart from providing privacy, it also maintains a cool climate in your room, and protects your furniture against UV damage. Blackout curtains also effectively muffle background noise and street light block lights coming from neon signs or street lamps – common in Singapore, creating a quiet environment in your bedroom.

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Consisting of a versatile blend of natural fibres, strengthened with polyester for a superior drape that will last the test of time. Our fabrics are rigorously tested and verified to be safe and non-toxic.

Perfect for use in all parts of the house, our luxurious night curtains perfectly complement any interior design theme.

premium fabrics

Our premium range comprises a higher percentage of natural yarns offering a more textured and expressive curtain drape. Rigorously Oeko-Tex certified to be safe and non-toxic. Safe for you, safe for the environment..

belgian cotton

Medium weight, natural cotton with a smooth finish. Our Belgian cotton night curtains are versatile in all rooms, especially the bedrooms.

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Our configurators are ready to help you design the perfect night curtains for your home in Singapore. Aside from our night curtains, we also offer other window treatments, such as day curtains, sheer curtains, roman blinds, and more. You can also check out our collection of carpets and rugs online to add aesthetic touches to your home.

Get in touch with us to discuss fabrics and measurements or seek the advice of our specialists, who will offer the necessary guidance on how to choose and customise your night curtains based on their colour and sewing methods so that they act as the key complementary piece that pulls the look of your home together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Night Curtains

What are night curtains?

Night curtains lined with blackout lining block external light from entering your room. Their light-blocking capabilities create a tranquil ambience, promoting uninterrupted sleep. Aside from providing enhanced privacy, noise insulation, temperature regulation, and protection against UV rays, night curtains are favoured options for bedrooms, nurseries, or any space seeking superior light control. These remarkable curtains block up to 90% of incoming light, ensuring an ideal environment for resting and relaxing.

Which fabric is used in night curtains?

Night curtains are usually thicker and more tightly woven. At Aratamete, you have the option of adding on a layer of hospitality-grade blackout lining to block out close to 90% of the light entering your room. These fabrics provide a substantial weight and density, ensuring maximum light reduction. By selecting the right material for night curtains, you can create a dark and cosy environment that promotes restful sleep and privacy in your home.

How to choose night curtains for your bedroom?

When selecting night curtains for your bedroom, consider a few key factors:

  1. How dark would you like your room to be? Add on a blackout lining if you prefer darker room conditions in your bedroom.
  2. Ensure proper measurements to guarantee a snug fit.
  3. Consider night curtains with added features like noise insulation and UV protection.
  4. Consult with specialists or retailers who can assist with customisation options.


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