Linen Curtains


Introducing balance and light into your home with a minimalistic aesthetic and clean lines, design your abode to be visually pleasing and soothing to the eye with linen curtains. Delicately treading between billowy lightness and tailored sophistication, relax the harsh sun rays and the atmosphere of your living space with our tailor-made window treatments. Carefully curated so that you can effortlessly design your dream aesthetic, our sheer and blackout curtains that are made of linen are safe for you and the environment. A collection that features mindful materials that stand the test of time, have our sheer or blackout linen curtains that have a classic nature that will never go out of style cover your windows.

Sensuously Soft Linen Curtains That Flows

Elevated through the use of durable fabric, every one of the linen curtains in the extensive Aratamete collection facilitates an interesting conversation between the other textures and materials throughout the home. Light enough to maintain a billowy flow and gently shade the sun or customised with blackout lining to thwart natural light, revel in the gentle curves of the rippling effect created by our linen curtains.

Sophistication That Stands The Test Of Time

Under our Made-to-Order program, our specialist consultants will be able to offer guidance and advice on how to best create an aesthetic fit for your space. Every set of sheer or blackout linen curtains you have your heart set on will be meticulously measured and tailored to create the depth and structure that you dream to incorporate into your space. Our configurators at Aratamete are here to soften your home with the timeless and realistic textures of our linen curtains to help you imagine the endless possibilities that harmonious soft furnishings can bring to the table.

Get Tailor-Made Linen Curtains In Singapore

Design your home with luxury in mind and imbue the living space with elements that add a touch of elegance. Frame your abode and bring the entire look together with our highly curated range of linen curtains in Singapore. Beyond our selection of blackout and sheer linen curtains, Aratamete also offers a collection of other window treatments such as day curtains, night curtains, and more.

Add a beautiful layer of softness to your home and celebrate fine craftsmanship with Aratamete in Singapore today by making an appointment with us.


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