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Sheer and lightweight, day curtains seamlessly allow ample natural light to enter a living space while simultaneously providing sufficient privacy with their sheerness. Differing from night curtains, day curtains block out eye-searing glare in the most delicate way, evoking the definition of softness. At Aratamete, our day curtain collection is bound to create an emotive space with its movement and natural slubs that are safe for you and the environment. Complementary with our collection of night curtains, pair them with these day curtains to have your home exude a sense of warmth, timelessness and sophistication.


Our essentials range comprises perennial staples, fit for any setting.


Our premium range blends natural and modern materials with subtle nuances for you to create inspired living spaces. Rigorously Oeko-Tex certified to be safe and non-toxic, our premium collection of day curtains is safe for you, and safe for the environment.

belgian linen

Organic and wholly natural beauty comes from the natural creases and slightly slubby texture; creating unique looks personalised just for you.

An Essential Collection of Day Curtains

Revel in affordability without compromising on quality with Aratamete. From a wide variety of fabrics such as polyester to 100% linen, our collection of day curtains in Singapore stand out from the vast range of day curtains in the market with its innate softness and natural hand feel. Setting the standard in terms of lightfastness, tensile strength, beauty, and overall quality, forget having your home decorated with curtains that feel like plastic and revel in artful drapes that respond to their surroundings and flow with the winds. Beyond our selection of day curtains, Aratamete also offers a wide variety of window treatments. From night curtains to blackout curtains, create a warm and welcoming space with ease when you imbue your living space with the signature Aratamete aesthetic. Get in touch with us today for consultation services in Singapore and have our specialists offer guidance on how to design your dream sanctuary.


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