Aratamete hails from a heritage of over 35 years as a trusted soft furnishings partner in many hospitality and commercial clients around the region.

Aratamete delivers a succinct, minimal aesthetic to your home. Evergreen classics that will stand the test of time.

In developing the ranges with our partner makers and mills, we continue to be strongly guided by three things: first, the product must continue to deliver fair value to our customers. Second, they are quality products that meet or exceed hospitality specifications. Third, they are made in an uncompromising way with and fair wages to their employees and the environment as a priority.

This means not working with mills that neglect to treat their waste before disposing or engage in unfair labour practices. One of our initiatives also comprise working towards limiting the amount of virgin synthetic material we use as we grow. Although this may be limiting, it is but a small inconvenience to safeguard the Earth for our future.

Though the search isn’t an easy one, it reinforces our conviction to building a sustainable relationship with our makers, and together, we hope to make reparations to an industry that has left much damage to our ecosystems.