Window curtains create a sophisticated and homely touch to our spaces. Functionally, they also provide a myriad of advantages – they diffuse or even block out harsh sun rays from entering our home, they provide us a privacy and some thicker materials can also help with indoor sound acoustics and create a degree of sound insulation from outside-in.

When selecting your window curtains, we need to consider the curtains’ intended function as well as your desired aesthetic. When you schedule an appointment online, our specialist consultants will walk you through the different curtain options, helping you find the type of layering and design that would best suit your vision and requirements. The different kinds of curtains available include day curtains, dim out curtains, and blackout curtains.

In this blog, we cover all you’ll need to know about Aratamete’s made-to-order window curtains in Singapore.

Know Your Day and Night Curtains

1. Day Curtains

Day curtains, depending on their thickness, diffuse varying degrees of sunlight into your room. Where privacy is not as much of a requirement, you may opt for day curtains that are more lightweight and translucent. However, where privacy is required, you may opt for a thicker day curtain material, or one with a tighter weave – this will still create a beautiful glow within your home, while providing you the privacy you need.

These types of window curtains are also low-maintenance and are easy to clean. The perfect setting for your day curtains would be places that need to be comfortably lit, like your living room or kitchen.

Aratamete has a collection of day curtains of varying material compositions and weaves. From our Essentials line, we have Palm and Spruce – evergreen and versatile across various design settings.

If you’re looking for something more textured and elevated, you may consider our Premium line which features materials with a higher natural content. The collection consists of Lino, which is made of full Turkish Linen, and Baobab, a Belgian Polyester and Linen Blend. Both offer a supple and elegant drape. All our day curtains are available in a variety of colourways and can be motorised too.

Night Curtains

Our night curtains can be tailor-made with varying degrees of light blockage, to prevent sunlight or street light from coming into your room. On top of this, it also serves as a light acoustic layer to muffle background noise from outside. When you custom-make your night curtains at Aratamete, you have the option to choose whether you want dim out or blackout curtains.

1. Dim Out Curtains

If you prefer night curtains that don’t completely block out light you may opt for dim out curtains.

They’re great for the bedroom if you want curtains that provide you some shade to keep your resting place cosy. You can also opt for these in your home office or other parts of your home where you want to reduce sunlight rather than completely block it out.

2. Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains offer many advantages – they block out the sun and heat, help with indoor sound acoustics and create a degree of sound insulation from outside-in.

Conventionally, the most common night curtain construction is a single layer night curtain fabric, these are called “laminated night curtains”. While we offer these, at Aratamete, our preferred construction method for blackout curtains comprise of 2 layers – first, the main fabric material (faces the room) and second, a high-grade 3-pass blackout fabric (lined behind) similar to the ones we often utilise in our luxury hospitality projects. While this method is slightly more costly, the method of lining the fabric with a high grade blackout lining is generally more durable than the conventional laminated night curtains and have a lifespan that is generally twice as long.

The 3-pass Blackout lining which we use to line our curtain fabrics consists of a thick white lining fabric, high-density black yarn, and silicon finishing to completely keep the solar light away. We use tightly woven high-density yarn for better longevity and to prevent flaking or de-lamination. With these materials used, you can easily have them washed or cleaned. They also ensure protection for your other furnishings from sun damage

Let Our Professionals Help You Choose a Window Curtain

With our Made-to-Order programme, let our professionals guide you in selecting the appropriate materials and styles for your windows. Let us help you in creating your sanctuary with the right window curtains and other soft furnishings.

If you would like to find out more about our day and night curtains or our Made-to-Order programme, feel free to make an appointment online today.

At Aratamete, we are uncompromising with the quality we deliver to your homes.