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Top Coat (Protective Finish)

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Top Coat is a VOC free, water based product in powder form that can be applied on top of Kalkpainted surfaces to add a matte protective layer.

Top Coat is applied with a brush in the same way as Kalkpaint by doing x-strokes or up/down strokes depending on how you applied the Kalkpaint underneath. Ideal room temperature when applying the Top Coat is 15-25°C 

Top Coat is used to protect walls from getting stains, spots and splashes etc. The more layers applied, the better protection achieved.

The content of the bag is mixed with 900ml of water and should give you about 1.2l of Top Coat in liquid form. Product should be mixed on the day it is used and can only be stored in an airtight container. In liquid form, it can be stored for up to 14 days. In powder form the product can be stored for up to 1 year in a sealed container. Top Coat has a milky white colour when mixed with water but dries clear (trust the process). Please note: Top coat can alter the colour of kalkpaint very slightly, making the colour a bit darker/warmer. 

First layer of Top Coat can be applied 72hours after the last layer of Kalkpaint has been applied. 

Second layer of Top Coat can be applied aprox. 6- 8 hours after the first layer of Top Coat has been applied (This depends on the humidity in the room.)

Third layer or more, please allow 24 hours between layers.

Top Coat protection regarding layers:

Below you can see a water test made on different layers of top coat. In the first photo to the left, water has been sprayed on a Kalkpainted wall. As more layers of top coat are applied, the better protection it gives

One layer : One layer will give some water resistance but water can still penetrate. After applying one layer of top coat you can clean the wall using a dry or a slightly damp clean cloth to wipe off dust.
One layer application is suitable for walls that require low protection.

Two layers: Two layers will make the surface more water repellent and water will not pass through as easily. After applying two layers of top coat you can clean the wall using a dry, damp or slightly wet clean cloth to wipe off dust, spills etc.
Two layer application is suitable for walls that require medium protection.

Three layers or more = In order to get a waterproof surface where water will no longer penetrate, a minimum of three layers are needed as the wall needs to be fully saturated with the top coat. The top coat must completely cover the entire kalkpainted surface. After applying three layer or more, it is ok to use a wet clean cloth to wipe/clean the wall. *We recommend using a cloth to dry the wall after cleaning with a wet cloth to avoid getting streaks and water marks*.

Minimum three layer application is suitable when walls require high protection.

Top Coat is for indoor use only, it does not tolerate frost or extreme heat and is not suitable where you have permanently damp areas or heavy use of water like inside showers.

Safety Sheet

*Kalklitir cannot guarantee that the Top Coat will provide protection against every type of stain, scratches, chemicals, strong food colours etc. Our Top coat is VOC free and low/zero odour product.

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