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Cancellation & Refunds Policy

Cancellation & Refunds Policy

  • If you wish to cancel an order due to change of mind, please promptly notify  us via email at or reach out to your sales  representative. 
  • Orders can be cancelled provided they have not yet entered production. Do  note that the final refund amount is subject to a processing fee.  
  • Once the order has been processed, your order cannot be cancelled. Prior to; placing an order, it is imperative that you are fully confident in your decision. If  you have any doubts about proceeding, we encourage you to contact us or  participate in our sample program for a nominal fee, which will be credited  towards your final order. Through this program, you can receive samples to  accurately assess the texture and color of the material.

Exchange Policy

Non-customised Products: 

  • We accept exchanges: If you change your mind about our products, we offer exchanges or a return in the form of store credit within 28 days of delivery, so long as your products are in new condition, and have not been opened, used, or washed
  • Non-Customised Products include: In-house design rugs in standard sizes (Sizes displayed on our website or catalog), Limewash, Accessories.

Wallpaper & Fabric – Supply: 

  • No exchange policy on Supply of Wallpaper & Fabric: All wallpapers and fabrics are specially indented for you, therefore, we are unable to accept exchanges should you change your mind.

Customised Products:

  • No exchange policy on customised products: Customised items are unique to each customer and cannot be exchanged.
  • Customised Products include: All window treatments, in-house design rugs in non-standard sizes (sizes displayed on our website or catalog), bespoke rugs, upholstery services.

If your product if eligible for an exchange, please promptly notify us via email at or reach out to your sales representative.


Damaged Or Defective Goods

  • Defect Reporting: Customers are encouraged to promptly report any defects in the received product within 7 days of receiving the product. Defects may include manufacturing faults, damages incurred during transit, or any other issues affecting the product's functionality or appearance.
  • Assessment and Resolution: Upon receiving notification of a defect, our team will assess the reported issue to determine its nature and cause. This may involve requesting additional information, such as photographs or descriptions of the defect.
  • Options for Resolution: Depending on the severity and nature of the defect, customers may be offered one or more of the following options for resolution:
    1. Replacement: We will provide a replacement product free of charge
    2. Repair: If feasible, we will arrange for the defective product to be repaired at no cost to the customer.
    3. Refund or Store Credit: In cases where a replacement or repair is not possible, customers may be offered a refund or store credit equivalent to the value of the defective product.
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