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Bespoke Rugs and Carpets

Let your ideas flow with Aratamete’s bespoke rug and carpet programme, and we will help you transform them into a beautiful statement decor piece to enhance your living space.

Our bespoke rug and carpet programme allows you to create an entirely unique floor rug and carpet that is one of a kind. Whether you’re looking for a stunning living room rug, a performance outdoor mat, or an alluring palette of colours and construction techniques, our rug specialists will help materialise your visions into being. Schedule a consultation with them online and buy our made-to-order custom rugs and carpets in Singapore.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing Aratamete’s bespoke rug and carpet programme:

Personalised Design

We work with you to create a rug or carpet that is custom-made, from the design to the materials.


We craft each custom rug or carpet to your exact specifications, so you can be sure it will fit your space perfectly.

High Quality

We use only the finest materials and construction techniques to create bespoke rugs and carpets that are built to last.


Our bespoke rug and carpets programme is surprisingly affordable, so you can get customisable rugs and carpets without breaking the bank.

Bespoke Hand-Tufted

A classic construction method which marries both tradition, function and practicality. This method allows us to achieve a wide array of custom hand-tufted rug designs within the shortest lead time

Artisanal Hand-Knotted

The ultimate choice of those who appreciate craftsmanship and subtle luxury, these custom rugs and carpets are made by hand, knot by knot.

Flat Weave

Our craftsmen combine rich textures and soft colours in these custom flat-weave rugs. They’re the perfect decor for any area of your home.

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