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abbey lane handknotted alpaca wool [premium]


Start your custom rug order:

01 Tailor-Made Sizing:
Choose your perfect fit from our selection of standard sizes or receive personalized sizing assistance on WhatsApp

02 Pick the Color:
Explore a spectrum of hues at our showroom, where expert guidance ensures your rug complements your design.

03 Secure Your Order:
Confirm your rug with just a 50% deposit, with the remaining balance payable upon delivery.

04 Quality Craftsmanship Begins:
Once payment is confirmed, we commence crafting your tailor-made rug.

05 Hassle free delivery:
Await the arrival of your rug within 6-8 weeks, with delivery coordinated to suit your schedule.

For personalized assistance and to tailor our designs to your vision, connect with us on WhatsApp.

Select Standard Sizes:

For rug orders, we highly recommend visiting our showroom at 276 River Valley to personally select colors and feel the materials before confirming your online order. Variations in lighting or device filters may impact color or shade perception. Our goal is to ensure your utmost satisfaction with your purchasing experience.

For online orders without visiting the showroom, please note that refunds will not be issued if the shade differs from what is seen online or if the texture does not meet your expectations.

Characteristics: Textured Aesthetic | Suitable for high traffic areas | Heirloom piece

Standard Sizes

1.7 x 2.4 m

2 x 3 m

2.5 x 3.5 m

3 x 4 m

Area of Use

Living Room



100% Alpaca Wool

Discover rugs: effortless style for your space.

- Aratamete

*Embrace the possibility of subtle variations in graphics, texture, and color compared to the images, as they add character and uniqueness. These differences are influenced by factors like display screen color variations and material sheen, enhancing the individuality of each piece. For personalized guidance and to ensure our designs align perfectly with your vision, connect with us on WhatsApp. We're eager to collaborate with you and bring your ideas to life!

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