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Customise a Flat Weave Rug or Carpet


With Aratamete’s bespoke rug programme, envision the ideal flat weave rug or carpet. Create a centrepiece for your living room or a rug for outdoor areas, aligned with your preferences and needs. Our custom flat weave rugs blend contemporary design elements with functional features, offering both aesthetic and practicality for everyday use.

Our extensive range of designs, colours, and materials allows you to create a flat weave carpet that perfectly complements your decor and resonates with your personal aesthetic.

Select from a range of flat woven rugs, be it hand-knotted rugs or hand-tufted carpets. Aratamete’s team of craftsmen at our bespoke rug programme can combine the rich textures and soft colours in these flat woven rugs. Hardy yet comfortable, they are the perfect finishing touch to any setting.

Add a Touch of Class to Your Home with Flat Weave Rugs

Flat weave rugs and carpets are versatile. In the living room, for example, a flat woven rug can provide a soft surface for children to play on or create an inviting space for entertaining guests. In the bedroom, a flat woven carpet can add warmth and comfort. Rugs and carpets can also be used in high-traffic areas to protect floors from scratches and scuffs.

Outside of the home, custom rugs can be used to decorate patios and decks or to create a welcoming entryway. Our selection of flat woven rugs and carpets are designed for easy portability, enabling you to alter their location for a refreshed setting whenever desired.

At Aratamete, we simplify the process of getting high-class soft furnishings in Singapore. We have a wide catalogue of modern rugs and carpets for you to choose from. Our representatives will make sure that you get the perfect rug for your space, whether it’s any of our original designs or your very own custom woven rugs.

Keep your handmade rugs looking their best with these simple care tips.

Vacuum regularly: Once or twice a week, vacuum your flat weave rug or carpet with a strong suction vacuum. Be sure to vacuum from different directions to remove all dirt and debris.

Avoid power head brushes: Power head brushes can damage your flat woven rug or carpet, so using a smooth surface attachment is best.

Consider professional rug cleaning: For more thorough cleaning, consider having your flat weave rug or carpet professionally cleaned once a year. This will help to remove any deep-set dirt and extend the life of your rug or carpet.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Flat Woven Rugs

A flat weave rug is a unique style of rug, distinguished by its absence of a pile. Instead of a plush surface, flat weave rugs are made by interlacing horizontal threads (wefts) with vertical ones (warps). This weaving technique creates a reversible, thin, lightweight rug that offers versatility in its use. The final product frequently showcases complex geometric patterns, elevating the woven rug from a functional item to an artistic statement.

Flat weave carpets encompass a range of styles, including Kilim, Dhurrie, and Soumak. Each style boasts a unique weaving technique. At Aratamete soft furnishing shop in Singapore, we celebrate this rich diversity by offering a broad selection of flat weave carpets. Our collection allows you to explore and discover designs that not only resonate with your personal style but also add sophistication to your decor.

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