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Sorrel Timber

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Made from Paulownia wood, this range of timber blinds is gently varnished for a natural, yet contemporary look while preserving the wood’s innate charmRecognised for its rapid reforestation capabilities, even in inferior soils, this is our preferred timber blinds in Singapore for its remarkable lightness, robust strength and exceptional durability.

Available in 50mm slats.

Comparison Across Different Types of Blinds

1. Wooden Venetian Blinds

Wooden venetian blinds, such as our Sorrel Timber collection, are synonymous with classic elegance. They effortlessly bring a touch of nature into any room, invoking a warm and cosy ambiance. Crafted from genuine wood, these blinds don't just serve an aesthetic purpose — they provide users with a unique ability to control natural light, ensuring both privacy and a room's desired luminosity. Their enduring appeal makes them a favourite choice for those looking to combine functionality with timeless beauty.

2. Motorised/Automatic Blinds

Modernise your home with our motorised blinds. Designed with the modern homeowner in mind, these blinds merge style with convenience. Gone are the days of manually adjusting blinds. With just a simple click, users can dictate the amount of light they let in, ensuring the perfect balance between illumination and privacy. Ideal for large windows or hard-to-reach places, our motorised blinds redefine ease-of-use and contemporary living.

3. Roman Blinds and Shades

Roman blinds and shades epitomise refined elegance. With their smooth texture when fully extended and distinct horizontal pleats upon being raised, they serve as both a functional shade and a statement piece. Their versatility in design and fabric options allows them to meld seamlessly into a variety of interior decors, from modern minimalism to classic charm. Beyond aesthetics, they also offer a practical solution for light control, making them a top choice for discerning homeowners.

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Timeless sophistication: Wooden Venetian Blinds elevate with ease.

- Aratamete

Prices exclude installation and delivery.

Step 1 (Showroom Consult):  We would advise booking an appointment at our showroom for a personalised consultation about the various window treatment options. Bring along your floorplan for a more effective consultation. Please note that we currently do not provide on-site consults. 

Step 2 (Quote) An indicative quote will be provided based on your floorplan. 

Step 3 (Measurement & Quote Revision) After confirmation, we would request a 50% deposit, before we head down to your home to obtain actual measurements. The quote will be adjusted from there to reflect the actual measurements. From our experience, the prices may vary +/- 5-7% on average. 

Step 4 (Installation): After confirmation of the revised quote, our team wil get in touch with a tentative installation date, usually 5-6 weeks after the final measurement. 

Our current lead-time stands at approximately 5-6 weeks from date of final measurement to fabrication, subject to fabric availability, and peak seasons (Christmas, Chinese New Year). Our representative will get in contact with you in the event of any changes to the lead-time, so that you can make the necessary arrangements.

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