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Guide to Incorporating Modern Rugs in Your Singapore Home

When redesigning a room, it is common for homeowners to spend weeks or even months trying to perfect their furniture choices. Ironically, a rug often comes as a decorative afterthought — a rushed element that’s picked out after everything has found its place in the living space. However, when it comes to floor coverings, adding rugs is a great way to inject some colour and pattern into any modern home. For a showpiece that is capable of grabbing attention, choosing the right rug can dictate the mood and design for the rest of the space. Posing as a high-stakes part of designing any space, it is crucial to find the right rug pattern and material for each and every room in your home since mistakes can be costly. But most importantly, choosing the right placement and size can make or break the overall look and feel of the space. 

Choosing the Right Rug Size

Size matters when it comes to rugs. A rug that is too small can make your room look unfinished and there might be an unsightly floating effect brought forth by the empty spaces, directing attention to areas of the room that detract from the overall design. While some might say that going bigger is always worth it since it is capable of pulling your space together, the truth of the matter is that a rug that’s too large can overwhelm the entire space, making it look overstuffed. Therefore, to choose the right size rug, it is crucial to look into the orientation of your room and let that be your guide as to which direction it should run. From there, look at all the major furniture pieces in the room and determine the ideal size.

Ideal Rug Sizes for Each Room

To make your rug buying ventures in Singapore a breeze, consider this room-by-room guide. 

1. Living Room

It is without any doubt that living rooms see the most life and have the highest traffic. Being a place where your rug will be seen the most, your choice of rug will be the most important, so be sure to choose one that you’ll love for a long time to come. Since the living room will typically feature key furnishings like a sofa set, coffee table, and armchairs, you’ll want to buy a rug that is big enough so that there will be at least 6-inches on each side of the furniture. As a general rule of thumb, the front two legs of your sofa and armchairs should be on the rug, and there should be sufficient bare flooring around the room’s perimeter. Typical sizes for living room rugs range from 1.8m by 2.7m for a small living room to 2.8m by 3.7m for a large living room.

2. Dining Room

Having a rug in the dining room is not a common sight in most Singapore homes, but a great rug can do wonders in terms of softening the ruggedness and streamlined aesthetic in dining rooms. To efficiently tone down the volume of your dining room, you’ll first want to choose a rug that boasts the same shape as your dining table. Once you’ve selected the ideal shape, look for a rug that is big enough so that all the dining chairs will sit on the rug and ensure that at least 8-inches of the rug extends on each side. The size of your dining room rug will depend on the size of your dining table. In general, 4-seater dining tables will pair well with rugs that are 1.8m by 2.7m, while larger dining tables like an 8-seater table will pair well with 2.8m by 3.7m rugs.

3. Bedroom

And last but not least, bedrooms are best complemented by rugs that elevate your personal space with a touch of elegance and transform it into a sanctuary by interacting harmoniously with other furniture pieces. If you have a standard queen-sized bed, then a 1.8m by 2.7m rug will have a grounding presence. For bedrooms with a larger king-sized bed, a 2.7m by 3.7m rug will act as an anchoring centre imbuing the space with a sense of balance and symmetry. 

Aratamete’s Comprehensive Range of Modern Rugs

At Aratamete, we make defining your living space with carpets and rugs a breeze. Our selection of minimal but bold rugs provides you with a conduit to give your space some movement. From a comprehensive range of hand-tufted and woven rugs made with biodegradable materials like Tencel, New Zealand Wool, and even recycled P.E.T polyester to natural flat weave rugs that ground and create cohesion in any space with their rich textures and soft colours, find hardy and comfortable rugs that are the perfect finishing touch to any setting. Our rugs also come in different sizes regardless of the design you pick. Be it the Braid Flatweave rug or the Ridges Hand-tufted rug, check out our ready-made original rug designs that can be customised to cater to your size and colour preferences. Beyond our modern rugs in Singapore, you can also customise your very own rug. Whether you have a rug design in mind that you would like to bring to life or have your eye on any one of our original designs, work with Aratamete to warm up your home. 

To transform your home with a beautiful rug, simply consult with our team who will be able to deliver an aesthetically appealing rug fit for any modern space in Singapore. Discuss your ideas and lifestyle needs, and leave it to us to select from our curated range of furnishings and materials or create an artwork especially for you with proposed colours and construction techniques. Browse our original rug designs online or get in touch with us if you would like a custom rug that’s truly one of a kind. 

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