bespoke program – custom rugs and carpets

Looking for a stylish rug or have a specific design in mind? Let your ideas flow with our bespoke program, and we will help you transform them into a beautiful rug. Our bespoke program allows you to create an entirely unique rug that is one of its kind. Whether you’re looking for a stunning centrepiece or a performance outdoor rug, or an alluring palette of colours and construction techniques, guided by the expertise of our rug specialists, will help materialise your visions into being.

We discuss your ideas and understand your lifestyle habits.

We create the artwork with proposed colours and construction techniques.

We finalise the design and colours, and then the weaving begins.


A classic construction method which marries both tradition, function and practicality. This method allows us to achieve a wide array of designs within the shortest lead time.


The ultimate choice of those who appreciate the craftsmanship and subtle luxury, it is made by hand knot by knot.


Our craftsmen combine the rich textures and soft colours in these flat-woven rugs.

create your very own rug and carpet with our bespoke program

Is there a customised carpet that you have in your mind? We, at Aratamete, have got you covered. Looking for something beyond our collection of beautiful rugs in Singapore? We can help you design a unique rug for your space through our bespoke program.

Our efficient consultants in Singapore will consider your choice of colours and material to create a beautiful modern rug that will boast an unrivalled blend of luxury and top-notch craftsmanship. If you want to decorate your living space in Singapore with a custom carpet that showcases your creativity, you can book a consultation to discuss your innovative ideas with us. To discuss ideas for your custom rug, contact us today or visit our store in Singapore.