premium roman blinds and shades

Create a luxurious space with Aratamete’s premium roman blinds and shades. With an unrivalled softness, our blinds and shades contribute to the comfortable ambience of your home. Crafted with timeless and realistic textures, they are the perfect space saving alternative to curtains.

Each piece in our collection is designed to frame your living space with ease, pulling together the interior design of your home.

Let us work together to transform your home in Singapore into a sanctuary of luxury.

Roman Blinds and Shades

Whether you’re looking for bedroom roman blinds to create a serene retreat or living room roman blinds to filter harsh sun rays, Aratamete delivers a range of roman blind options with a succinct, minimalist aesthetic.

With evergreen classics that stand the test of time, we welcome you to consult with us on carefully curated options of soft furnishings.

Under our Made-to-Order programme, our specialist consultants will advise you on the various styling and material options for your windows. Each set of window treatments is meticulously measured and tailored to achieve your desired drape and fit. Our configurators are here to help you imagine the possibilities.

day blinds

Tailored day roman blinds suit contemporary interiors best and are most suitable in areas such as bay windows, or half height windows. They are a great space saving replacement to day curtains. Our collection of day roman blinds include fabrics that are supple and soft, yet sufficiently structured to hold as roman blinds.

night blinds

Tailored night roman blinds are ideal for modern interiors, particularly when used for bay windows or half-height windows. They provide a space saving solution compared to curtains. Our roman blinds are available in a wide range of dim-out materials, with an option to add on a black out lining to drastically reduce the light seepage entering the room. Do note however that night curtains are always a better alternative to roman blinds, as light tends to escape through the sides of the roman blinds.

day blinds

Our soft day roman blinds or roman shades are made from fabrics that are soft with good drape, offering varying degrees of light filter. Suitable for particular window types like bay windows or half-height windows, day roman blinds or roman shades are a space-efficient substitute for curtains, reflecting modern design trends.

night blinds

Our soft night roman blinds are available with blackout lining.These roman blinds are suited for bay window areas, or half height windows. Our night roman blinds are space saving and provide gentle solar protection against the harsh afternoon sun in Singapore.

Buy Roman Blinds and Shades Online for Your Home

Born from a shared passion for creating beautiful spaces, Aratamete is dedicated to providing top-quality soft furnishings online to help you craft your sanctuary. We offer a comprehensive range of textiles and materials, including custom curtains and roman shades or blinds in Singapore.

Roman blinds are available in two designs. Soft day roman blinds suited for a classic, artful drape or  tailored roman blinds which are suitable for more contemporary interiors.

Achieve your desired space all in one place – get in touch with us online or visit our showroom in Singapore for a complimentary consultation. Our specialists will guide you in selecting and buying the perfect fabrics, curtains, and blinds to adorn your bedroom or living room.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roman Blinds and Shades

How much do roman blinds cost?

The cost of roman blinds can vary depending on the size, material, and customisation options. At Aratamete, we strive to make luxury accessible, offering a range of prices to suit different budgets. Whether you’re looking for roman blinds, shades or curtains, we have options for you. Simply reach out to our team, and we can find the best one that fits your style and budget needs.

How to clean roman shades?

Cleaning your roman shades doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush extension, if available, to gently remove dust and debris. If your roman shade needs a more thorough cleaning, we recommend seeking professional cleaning services to maintain the quality and longevity of your roman shade purchase from Aratamete.