wooden venetian blinds to beautify your home

Find aesthetically pleasing wooden window blinds in Singapore. With Aratemete’s collection of venetian blinds, you can transform any room in your home, office, or rental space into a stylish space.

Choose from A Variety of Wooden Window Venetian Blinds Styles

Venetian blinds are a perfect addition to your home as they are not just installed for aesthetic purposes but also for functionality. With a variety of styles, materials, and colours, our wooden venetian blinds can add more personality to any room. They are also functional window furnishings that allow you to easily control the amount of natural light coming into your room.

Our range of timber venetian blinds are ideal for any window in your Singapore living space. You can choose from our Sorrel Matte or Sorrel Timber lines based on your requirements and preference.


This range of timber venetian blinds is evenly coated for a clean, matte look.


This range of timber venetian blinds is gently varnished to reveal a natural wood grain.

Find Wooden Blinds Online

The best place to buy venetian blindsAratamete offers a wide range of soft furnishings including floorings, upholstery, rugs, motorised blinds, and venetian blinds in Singapore. Each of our window treatments is measured meticulously and tailor-fitted to help you achieve the desired drape and fit. Our wooden venetian blinds specialists and consultants can advice you on the different style and material options available for your windows through our Made-to-Order Program. Our configurators are also available to help assist you with all your wooden blinds requirements.

Contact us for more information about our wooden window blinds and other soft furnishings and how we can help you create a more beautiful home, rental space, or office interior. You can also book an appointment online with us if you wish to consult with one of our experts or view our showroom.