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Gorgeously soft night curtains create a warm and welcoming atmosphere whilst providing solar protection and acoustics.


At Aratamete, we use plush fabrics that complement your home’s design. We create night curtains and blackout curtains that effectively muffle background noise and block lights coming from neon signs or street lamps– common in Singapore. With a darker and quieter room, you are assured of both privacy and a peaceful sleep.

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Consisting of a versatile blend of natural fibres, strengthened with polyester for a superior drape that will last the test of time. Carefully selected, our fabrics are rigorously tested and verified to be safe and non-toxic.

Perfect for use in all parts of the house, our luxurious night curtains perfectly complement any interior design theme.

premium fabrics

Our premium range blends natural and modern materials with subtle nuances for you to create inspired living spaces. Rigorously Oeko-Tex certified to be safe and non-toxic. Safe for you, safe for the environment.

The fabrics used in our night curtains are also sensually soft and create the perfect drape that acts as both a neutral canvas and dramatic element that elevates any home interior design.

belgian cotton

Medium-weight, natural cotton with a luxurious, velvety finish. Its artisanal weave will look superb in almost any setting.

Our sturdy and stylish Belgian cotton night curtains are versatile enough for any room in the home. This soft and thick fabric can help block out unwanted light to help you get some much-needed sleep, rest, and relaxation.

What’s more, Belgian cotton is a sustainable material.

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Our configurators are ready to help you design the perfect night curtains for your home in Singapore. Get in touch with us to discuss fabrics and measurements or seek the advice of our specialists who will be able to offer the necessary guidance on how to choose and customise your night curtains based on their colour and sewing methods so that they act as the key complementary piece that pulls the look of your home together.


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