Sheer Curtains


Diffuse sunlight to let a gentle and warm glow light up your living space with our range of sheer curtains.

Sheer curtains, as their name suggests, are designed with a fine, semi-transparent fabric that gently diffuses daylight. This unique feature allows them to strike a balance between granting your home ample natural light while adding a layer of privacy and protection.

Our curated collection of sheer curtains, meticulously tailor-made to complement your aesthetic, is fashioned from mindful materials that are safe for you and the environment. Beyond that, we also prioritise durability and quality, as we believe in creating products that stand the test of time.

Experience the delicate balance of light, privacy, and refined style with Aratamete's sheer curtains — a testament to our belief that luxury can be both beautiful and conscientious.

A Light Option to Be Connected to the Outside World

Elevated through the use of natural materials and keeping every detail in mind, every one of our sheer curtains in the extensive Aratamete collection exudes warmth, timelessness, and sophistication. Revel in sheer delight as the lightweight tailored curtains effortlessly diffuse the sunlight coming through your windows.

Timeless Luxury Without Compromise

Under our Made-to-Order programme, our specialist consultants will be able to provide you with guidance and advice on the various styling and material options for your windows. Every set of light and sheer curtains will be meticulously measured and tailored so that you can achieve your desired aesthetic, drape and fit. Our configurators at Aratamete are here to help you imagine the world of possibilities in your ventures of designing your dream sanctuary.

Shop Sheer Curtains in Singapore

Explore our highly curated range of sheer curtains. Made from materials like linen and cotton-linen blends, dress your room with a view or simply add depth of character with the natural movement of these sheer curtains. From white sheer curtains to options that boast other colourways, the choice is yours.

Beyond our selection of sheer curtains, Aratamete also offers a collection of other window treatments such as day curtains, night curtains and more.

Celebrate quality materials and fine craftsmanship in your living space with Aratamete today by making an appointment in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Sheer Curtains in Singapore

What are the different types of sheer curtains?

At Aratamete, we offer an array of sheer curtains, each uniquely distinguished by their material, weave, and colour. You can choose from sheer curtains made from breathable materials such as linen and cotton-linen blends, providing a soft, natural texture to your spaces. These curtains come in diverse hues, from classic whites to a spectrum of other colourways, designed to seamlessly blend with and elevate your home aesthetics.

What are sheer curtains made of?

Sheer curtains are crafted from fine, lightweight fabrics that allow light to filter through. At Aratamete, we take pride in creating our sheer curtains from quality materials such as linen and cotton-linen blends. These breathable fabrics not only diffuse daylight beautifully but also contribute to the overall tranquillity within your space.

What fabric is used in sheer curtains?

Sheer curtains predominantly employ fabrics that are light and breathable. Linen and cotton-linen blends are our primary choices, valued for their texture, and light-diffusing capabilities.


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